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Imagine diving into the soulful melodies of “Now Let Us Rejoice” with this easy-breezy organ arrangement. Crafted by Jacob Hershberger, this sheet music offers a musical playground where you can explore different styles and voicings, adding your own flair to the classic hymn. Perfect for beginners, this arrangement guides you gently through the keys, making it ideal for preludes, postludes, or even your next recital.


Key Features:

  • Easy Organ Prelude: Specifically arranged for organ, this piece is perfect for beginner and intermediate organists.
  • Flexible Use: Ideal for various parts of a service, including preludes, postludes, and recitals, adding a joyful touch to any event.
  • Customizable Flair: Allows for exploration of different styles and voicings, enabling you to personalize your performance.


  • Beginner-Friendly: Designed to be easy to learn and play, making it accessible for new organists.
  • Joyful Expression: The uplifting melody of “Now Let Us Rejoice” brings a sense of joy and celebration to your performance.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of settings, enhancing worship services, recitals, and personal practice sessions.

Why You'll Love This Organ Prelude:


Jacob Hershberger's arrangement of "Now Let Us Rejoice" offers a beautifully simple yet expressive way to share joy through music. The piece is designed to be accessible for organists of all skill levels, ensuring that the joyful beauty of the hymn can be shared widely. Its flexibility makes it suitable for various parts of a service, providing a joyful and uplifting musical experience.


Imagine the feeling as the joyful melodies fill your space, spreading musical cheer and uplifting spirits. This arrangement is the perfect tool to enhance your worship experience or recital performance.

Download "Now Let Us Rejoice - Easy Organ Prelude" today and let the music bring joy and celebration to your heart and home.

Now Let Us Rejoice - Easy Organ Prelude sheet music


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