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Experience the divine beauty of "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee" with this meticulously crafted organ solo arrangement by Jacob Hershberger. Composed by John B. Dykes and originally penned by Bernard of Clairvaux, this easy-to-play piece is tailored for organ enthusiasts of all levels. Its gentle cadence and soul-soothing melodies create a transformative musical experience, making it an essential addition to your repertoire.


Key Features:

  • Organ Solo Arrangement: Specifically arranged for organ, this piece captures the profound beauty of the hymn with rich and harmonious sounds.
  • Accessible for All Levels: Designed to be easy to learn and play, making it suitable for beginner and intermediate organists.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for worship services, meditation sessions, and personal reflection, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of any setting.
  • Innovative and Traditional Blend: This arrangement seamlessly combines traditional elements with innovative touches, offering a unique and enchanting LDS organ prelude.


  • Ease of Performance: Organists of all levels can easily master this arrangement, ensuring a smooth and heartfelt performance.
  • Emotional Impact: The serene and uplifting melody of "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee" will resonate deeply with your audience, creating a memorable and moving experience.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide range of religious settings, this arrangement enhances worship services, meditation sessions, and moments of personal reflection with its beautiful and meditative qualities.


Why Choose This Arrangement?


Jacob Hershberger's arrangement of "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee" offers a beautifully simple yet profound way to elevate your musical expression. The piece is designed to be accessible for organists of all skill levels, ensuring that the timeless beauty of the hymn can be shared widely. Its unique blend of tradition and innovation makes it a standout choice for any religious setting, providing a transformative and inspiring musical experience.


Immerse yourself in the ethereal atmosphere of "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee" and let the music guide your soul. Download your copy today and experience the divine resonance this arrangement brings to your fingertips.

Jesus The Very Thought of Thee - Easy Organ Solo for Religious Settings

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