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Organists seeking a fresh take on the beloved hymn "I Stand All Amazed" will find solace in this new arrangement now available on sheet music, inspired by Richard Elliott's "Prelude on Deliverance." This heartfelt easy organ prelude, crafted by Jacob Hershberger (Jasberger Music), is both accessible for beginners and expressive for seasoned players.


Key Features:

  • Easy Organ Prelude: Specifically arranged for organ, this piece is perfect for beginner and intermediate organists.
  • Inspired by Richard Elliott: The arrangement draws inspiration from Richard Elliott's "Prelude on Deliverance," adding a unique and heartfelt touch to the hymn.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for preludes, postludes, and recital pieces, this arrangement seamlessly integrates into your worship services and performances.


  • Accessible Beauty: Designed to be easy to learn and play, this arrangement allows organists of all skill levels to focus on conveying the music's powerful message.
  • Multipurpose Majesty: Whether used as a prelude, postlude, or recital piece, this arrangement enhances worship services with its flexibility and beauty.
  • Reflective and Contemplative: The music captures the awe and wonder of Christ's sacrifice and resurrection, creating a powerful moment of contemplation for your congregation.


Why You'll Love This Organ Prelude:

Jacob Hershberger's arrangement of "I Stand All Amazed" offers a beautifully simple yet profound way to deepen your worship experience. The piece is designed to be accessible for organists of all skill levels, ensuring that the profound beauty of the hymn can be shared widely. Its versatility makes it suitable for various parts of a service, providing a reflective and contemplative musical experience.

Imagine the feeling as the music washes over your audience, gently guiding their hearts towards the profound gift of Christ's love. This arrangement is the perfect tool to deepen your worship experience together.


Download "I Stand All Amazed - Easy Organ Prelude" today and let the music fill your service with awe and reverence.

I Stand All Amazed - Easy Organ Prelude sheet music


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