Paper Sheet Music vs. Digital Sheet Music – Which Is Better?

For anyone taking music lessons online today, paper sheet music would be a foreign concept. In fact, most people who’ve started learning musical instruments after the early or mid-2000s aren’t familiar with paper sheet music.

However, this doesn’t necessarily surprise us. After all, digitization has taken over all aspects of our lives; it only makes sense to digitize how we approach music. So, while printed sheet music isn’t precisely relics, digital sheet music is definitely gaining more popularity amongst aspiring musicians.

Why Do Some People Still Prefer Paper Sheet Music?

Paper sheet music is printed sheet music which is basically the old-school way of handling music notes—the sheets contain musical symbols that guide the musician by indicating different chords, pitches, and rhythms.

Back in the day, it was more common to see musical notations handwritten on several sheets of paper. Gradually, people started switching to printed sheet music instead. For the most part, printed sheet music still remains the predominant source material, especially for classical musicians.

They have a sentimental value attached to them, and many people find paper sheet music the authentic way of doing things. For others, it’s more about the old-school aesthetics.

How Is Digital Sheet Music Better, Though?

While a lot of people may find paper sheet music more to their liking, one simply can’t deny the incomparable benefits of digital sheet music over paper sheet music. Here’s why we prefer them:

Less to Carry

Musicians are never empty-handed, especially not when they arrive at rehearsals or gigs. From your main instrument to the rest of its supporting gear, as a musician, you have a lot to carry as it is without the paper scores.

Naturally, if you can cut down on the bulk with digital sheets—you should. Your digital sheet music can be accessed easily on your phone or tablet—something you’re going to have on you anyway—just download the sheets on them, and you’d be good to go!

Environment-Friendly Approach

Musicians are always going back and forth between different songs, setlists, charts, and so on. We’re also constantly editing old versions to create new ones. This means using tons of paper, most of which ends up in the trash.

Using digital sheet music instead of paper sheet music means you can save a lot of paper, which is more environmentally friendly.

Everything You Need At The Tip of Your Finger

Another reason we prefer digital sheet music because it means that any score we need is literally at the tip of our fingers. This means no rummaging through cases and folders to find the music you wrote about 2 months ago.

And since we’re living in the age of Siri and Alexa, it’s not even about the tips of our fingers anymore—we can now access music sheets using voice search! This hand-free approach is a blessing for musicians—we all know the pain of turning pages during practice.

Of course, these are only a few ways digital sheet music is better than paper sheet music. One has to use it to really feel the difference—you should try it for yourself. Buy piano solo sheet music from Jasberger Music to experience the digital magic.

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