Learning the Piano as an Adult – What Are the Benefits?

A lot of people who learn to play the piano do so as children. In fact, that could be said about most musical instruments. And somehow, this prevalence of learning instruments at an early age has created this pretense; people believe that musical instruments, especially something as complex as a piano, can only be mastered at a very young age.

But while learning the piano may be easier for some at a younger age, it has some excellent benefits for you as an adult. So, before you steer yourself away from some incredible online piano lessons—make sure you know what you’re missing out on.

It’ll Stimulate Your Brain

This is one of the most valuable things about learning the piano as an adult. As we grow older, our brains become less receptive, and we’re usually at risk of several brain and memory-related health issues.

Learning the piano, though, is like a workout for your brain. It stimulates various parts of the brain and helps it form new connections while remapping some of the old ones. Moreover, since pianos require right and left-hand coordination and eye-hand coordination—since you’re looking at keys and sheets—all the movement triggers activity in your brain. It can be pretty chaotic up there, which is precisely what your brain needs as it ages.

Also, learning the piano as an adult helps you brush up your concentration and memorization skills, which comes to most children naturally but may require more effort as an adult.

Learning the Piano Can Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

As we grow older, almost all of us face some sort of stress or situations that trigger anxiety. While sometimes, it may be a good idea to tackle these emotions head-on, at times, it’s best to find distractions.

Learning to play the piano is one the best ways to steer your mind toward more creative pursuits instead of being anxious about things you have no control over. Playing the piano is a series of complex actions that demand incredible focus. When you’re busy playing notes off of the music sheets in front of you—there’s very little space left to overthink and feel stressed.

Generally, making music can be really fun, and it can counter the normal stress response that anxiety often triggers. This makes it a perfect hobby for adults.

It’ll Help You Become More Disciplined

In general, learning a new instrument requires a lot of practice and discipline. And these efforts have to be multiplied significantly if you’re pursuing something as complex as a piano.

While learning the piano, you’d have to practice regularly with a lot of dedication and discipline. While these are great qualities to instill in children, they can be just as beneficial for you as an adult.

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