Are There Any Health Benefits of Listening to Music?

Most of us listen to music almost every day without thinking about it too much. We definitely enjoy it, and good music often makes us emotional. Some of us also have well-curated Spotify lists for all occasions—the workout playlist, another for the morning drive to work, and the one that helps us sleep.

But despite the incredible role music plays in our everyday lives, very few of us think of music as a source of healing. The fact is that countless studies discuss the unique health benefits of listening to music.

Here are a few you should know about.

Music Can Help Regulate Your Mood

You’ve probably noticed yourself feeling lighter and happier when you listen to your favorite songs. There’s some science to the uplifting feeling you feel.

What happens is that your brain releases dopamine when you listen to music. Dopamine is a happy hormone that helps elevate mood. At the same time, the stress hormone, i.e., cortisol, drops—this makes you feel better overall.

Moreover, the part of our brain that processes music is the same part that regulates our emotions and moods. This is why the sort of music you listen to can directly impact the way you feel.

Music Can Improve Cognitive Skills

Music has been known to strengthen memory, cognition, and learning skills.

Some studies show the positive effect of music on cognitive skills—especially relaxing music like soft jazz or classical. On the other hand, there are also studies that link enjoyable, upbeat music to memory and learning. Most studies suggest that the repetitive nature of music helps the brain create patterns that help memory.

Music Makes Your Heart Healthier

Most people don’t realize this, but music has some incredibly amazing benefits on physical health too. For starters, it keeps the most important part of our bodies—the heart—superbly healthy.

Relaxing songs and calming music help lower the heart rate and blood pressure. This helps the blood flow and keeps your heart healthy.

Another study shows that music therapy can, in fact, make medication for blood pressure more effective!

Listening to Music Can Help You Sleep Better

If you don’t listen to music every day before you sleep—we highly recommend trying it out.

Music is very relaxing for the mind and your heart, and the rest of your body. Therefore, if you struggle with insomnia or are constantly waking up feeling tired, listening to music before bed might help.

Generally speaking, the genre you like best would be most relaxing for you. But a study suggests that classical music may help people, especially students, sleep better. Experiment with a few genres to see what works for you!

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